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With the development of science and technology, xenon headlamps and led headlamps is becoming cheaper and cheaper, the characteristics of full LED headlights almost completely beyond the xenon headlamps.

People are more like LED headlight, more and more cars are already installed LED headlights. Do you really know the advantages of them?

1.Saving Energy 
The luminous efficiency of LED headlight is up to 80-90lm/W. For daytime driving lights, energy consumption of LED is only 1/20 of halogen lamp. Saving more than 70% energy than traditional light sources.

2.Super Long Life-span And Friendly To Environmen 
The LED present used in the car can reach 50000 hours, the well-known automotive lighting suppliers have been able to provide the LED which the conversion of life up to 100000 hours. According to the use frequency and time of light, people do not need to replace the LED headlights in the design life of vehicles. In contrast, the xenon lamp life is only 3000 hours. Headlights energy depend mainly on fuel combustion, led headlights are more fuel-efficient and no secondary pollution after retirement.

3.Good Durability 
The LED headlights have the advantages of simple structure, impact resistance & seismic performance, not easy to be broken, can well adapt to the different environments.

4.Fast Response Time 
LED lights are microsecond response level, LED headlamps have a much faster response than xenon lamp and halogen lamp ,driving is more safe.

5.Small Load And Weak Interference 
LED Headlights can be driven by low voltage DC power, safer than xenon lamps. Xenon lamps need booster to make high-pressure gas discharge voltages up to thousands of volts, once the transformer fails, it is dangerous.

6. Excellent brightness,closest to the natural color, most friendly to eyes. 
LED Headlights has excellent brightness and is closest to the natural color, does not cause eyestrain and blurred, make driving safer. What can not be ignored is that the xenon lights are not natural light, lack of blue band, this causes drivers hard to find something blue or child in blue in driving.

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