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In a World-First Liquid light show up!!

What kinds of the property do you think of light ? Light is every where in our living, but it still full of mysterious. Now, scientists have new discover of the light. But we are not sure, the new discover can solve the problem or it might make more question ?  The following article will give you a new view to understanding this mysterious material Light.

For several centuries now, The property of light still difficult to explain. One of the light behavior have known like a wave, expanding out from its source until absorbed or reflected by objects.

In recent years, however, research has indicated that light can also behave like a liquid — flowing around objects and reconstituting on the other side. Previously, this phenomenon has only been observed under certain extreme conditions, such as laboratory chambers chilled to near absolute zero.

New research published this week in the journal Nature Physics reveals that light can behave in an even stranger superliquid state, in which light particles flow around objects with no friction or viscosity at all. In this state, light exhibits the dramatic effect of frictionless flow, bending around obstacles with no ripples or swirls whatsoever. Interestingly, this effect can be observed at room temperature and ambient pressure.

This state of superfluidity is sometimes referred to as the fifth state of matter, or a Bose-Einstein condensate. Particles in this state behave like a single macroscopic wave, oscillating at the same frequency, and paradoxically combining the attributes of liquids, solids, and gases.

The extraordinary observation in our work is that we have demonstrated that superfluidity can also occur at room-temperature, under ambient conditions, using light-matter particles called polaritons, said Daniele Sanvitto, who led the research group.

As to the practical effects of the discovery, the most readily evident benefit concerns superconducting materials that can move electricity around with virtually zero resistance, according to the research team. Typically, these materials need to be radically cooled, usually with liquid nitrogen. If engineers can find a way to harness superfluidity at room temperature, it could lead to new and improved photonic devices like lasers, LEDs, solar panels, and photovoltaic cells.

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