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Influences of the solder material for the wave soldering machine soldering quality

Every SMT manufacturer always pay more attention to the solder material quality of the wave soldering machine using process, especially in the lead-free wave soldering process, the quality of the solder material is more important. Based on years of practical experience, we have some experiences, and the following is sorted out for reference of the SMT manufacturer angineers and workers, and we sincerely welcomed any suggestions or ideas about this question.

The tin-lead solder in wave soldering production process will be oxidized continuously at a high temperature of 250°C, gradually reducing the solder percentage composition in the solder pot, deviating from the eutectic point, resulting in poor fluidity, such as solder bridge, cold solder and other solder Quality problems. This problem normally can be solved by the following methods:

1. First, a redox agent may be added to the tin-lead solder to reduce the oxidized SnO to Sn, so that reducing the solder dross emerge;

2, Timely remove the solder dross to ensure the purity of the solder;

3, Due to solder lost in production, so the corresponding amount of tin should be added in time during the soldering process;

4, Try to use that solder that containing anti-oxidation phosphorus, the soldering effect is better;

5, Try to use nitrogen protection, in the process of nitrogen protection, the solder is isolated from the air, can reduce the solder dross emerge quantity, and reduce the solder problems happened, the soldering process will be easy to control. This methos need a modification of the wave sodlering machine and make it provide nitrogen operating process.

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