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Sustainable Nitrogen Reflow Soldering Technology

Nitrogen for inertisation and cooling – combined in one SMT Reflow Oven system

With the reflow convection soldering process electronic components are soldered in an inert nitrogen environment at temperatures of up to 260°C. Following the soldering process, the components are cooled down to a temperature of approx. 50°C in the cooling section of the same system. In excess of 40% of the total energy required to operate a reflow soldering system is used solely for cooling with coolant water.

QISMT developed an innovative technology for efficient use of the nitrogen required for inertisation and designed the first coolant-water-free reflow soldering system - Liquid Nitrogen, which uses nitrogen cooling. The new concept is based on the nitrogen’s phase change directly inside the reflow soldering system. This provides the system with the required low temperature as well as the inert environment. The cold liquid nitrogen (as low as -196°C) provides its cooling effect inside the system’s cooling zone, is evaporated and is subsequently used in gaseous form for inertisation. Thus the coolant water re-cooled using great energy, as well as the cooling unit and refrigerant are no longer required at all. Rehm was supported by its partner Air Liquide in the area of nitrogen technology.

“Almost every electronics producer stores the nitrogen required for soldering in the liquid nitrogen tank. Instead of letting a part of the energy it contains off into the air, it can be used more efficiently for cooling purposes in the reflow soldering system. This translates into an annual saving of about 17 tonnes of COand 30 000 kWh of electricity”, says Frank, Project Manager for Liquid Nitrogen Technology in the area of research and development at QISMT.

With the help of this innovative technology QISMT is making a significant contribution to the COreduction and energy saving of reflow soldering systems. “For us dealing with resources in an environmentally friendly manner is a core aspect of our company philosophy. Through the use of energy efficient manufacturing equipment our customers make great strides towards meeting their own requirement for resource-saving production processes. The Environmental Technology Award shows that we are on the right path to successfully implement new and sustainable technologies in the electronics industry”, explains Managing Director Eric.

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