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The benefits of hard oxidation treatment of wave soldering mahcine and reflow oven guide Rail

Reflow Oven and wave soldering machine guide rail is the most critical part of the whole machine. Because the working chain is directly scrubbed with the guide rail under high temperature for a long time.

The material requirement and friction resistans requirement are very high. The guide rail will be deformed afte running a long time, which will cause the chain and the guide rail to be break up and the rail chain will be deformed, change the shape and make the rail not stright,as the 2 side of the guide rail is fixed, so the rail centre will sprade, conveyor widthwill be inlarged ,The board will be easy fall from the conveyor chain, which will not meet the welding process and requirements.

However, the surface harden and oxidation treatment will not have these problems, so QISMT make all the guide rail be harden and oxidation treatment as a standard requirement for our SMT reflow ovens and  wave soldering machines.

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