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Why Nitrogen wave soldering machine need use infrared preheating system

Now many wave soldering machine apply nitrogen system to got a better soldering effect. And many supplier say that their wave soldering machine is nitrogen wave soldering machine. Do you know why nitrogen wave soldering machine need use infrared preheating system?

For leave the nitrogen in the heating passage and soldering passage, the nitrogen wave soldering machine need better sealed to leave the nitrogen in the heating passage and soldering area.

If soldering area has a low oxigen level, the solder won't be oxidated. and this will make a clean surface for the PCB soldered. If high oxigen level, there will be too much solder oxidated and leave onto the PCB surface to make the PCB surface nasty. If you are produce the PCB for your customer, it will be one of the rejection reasons.

so you need to seal the heating passage and soldering area very good, to prevent the oxigen don't come to the soldering area.  Only this is not enough, if you check some famous nitrogen wave soldering machine, you will find that the heating passage is preheating by infrared heater. Why they use it, nowadays most wave soldering machine and reflow oven already use the hot air convection heating method, it's advance heating method. why not use in the nitrogen wave soldering machine.

This is because if you use hot air convection method, the air will be convection in the heating passage, running by the blower motor, fast air change, so if it has high nitrogen level, the fast speed air change, will make the out side oxigen and inside nitrogen exchanged fastly to keep the same oxigen or nitrogen level, when all you passage is by hot air convection, then all the passage nitrogen level will be go down fastly to the outside nitrogen level.

If you use the infrared heating method, the air in the heating passage is stopped, won't change too much from outside, so this way by using the infrared heating method you can leave more nitrogen in the passage and soldering area, this is easy to control the nitrogen level, this is way nowadays these famous wave soldering machine use infrared heating method to keep the nitrogen level for their nitrogen wave soldering machine.

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