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about wave soldering machine tin pot

1. Tin furnace nozzle can be adjusted according to the width of the PCB you want to reduce the area of the invalid welding area, to solder with air contact area is kept to a minimum, greatly reduce solder oxides. The oxide amount every 8 hours, less than the 1.2-2KG (varies according to the size of the PCB board)

2. Increase the the diversion tank and anti-oxidation sets, to reducing black powder and rubbish like oxides.

Easy maintenance, do not every day fishing oxide, under the circumstances, a week or more to clean up once

If you crest oxidation in the 3-5KG / 8 hours, may be considered to make changes to the existing crest tin furnace

Changed after a day at least Province tin 3KG count (oxide 5KG daily): monthly savings: 135 * 3KG * 26 (days) = 10,530 yuan (SnGu0.7 count) or 85 * 3KG * 26 (days) = 6630 yuan (6337Sn count), a year down to a crest machine price, If you have more than one machine? Difficult business environment to reduce domestic demand is to increase the effectiveness and reach the effect does not charge a penny! Do you hesitate?

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