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good news for LED industry

With the LED industry energy efficiency standards,the the LED industry new one trend has come to expand the scale of production. Shenzhen Flason Electronic adapts to the development of the industry Hurt heavily in research to develop a cost-effective for the requirements of the industry extremely the GSD-M8C unleaded environmental reflow machine. Native Windows Windows operating interface design two control modes, the computer control and emergency manual control, with security; the the leading heating of way, to solve the problem of reflow soldering dead. Suitable for CSP, BGA, 0201CHIP and other electrical components welding; professional wind turbine design, wind speed and stability, effectively prevent PCB board is heated wind uniformity, to achieve the highest repeated heating: the zone with the mandatory independent circulation, independent PID control, upper and lower independent heating furnace accurate chamber temperature, uniform heat capacity; insulation layer is made of high-quality aluminum silicate insulation materials, effective insulation, heating up fast, working temperature from room temperature to ? 20min; furnace lead-free design; quality high-temperature high-speed motor transport steady wind, vibration low noise; furnace using the top of the cylinder, security, support rods, safe and convenient; PCB board transmission with high frequency variable speed, the network chain synchronization excellent stability; special high-quality aluminum alloy rails, automatic refueling system, to ensure that the rail width modulated precision and high service life; equipped with power failure protection function UPS, to ensure that the PCB board after power outage normal output, will not be damaged; powerful software features online PCB board temperature, and at any time the data curve analysis, storage and printing ; PC and PLC communications with the PC / PP protocol, job stability, prevent crashes;

Automatic monitoring and display device status; special internal furnace design, good insulation, the lowest power consumption up to peer.

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